Responding to Covid19 together

Digitaraya is committed to help startups ecosystem in Indonesia and the community impacted by COVID-19 pandemic during this challenging time. We have gathered essential informations, best practices, productivity tools, network initiatives, and government updates and regulations related to COVID-19. Our objective is to provide resourceful informations and ease the process of finding the right information needed for founders and tech community.

News & updates

Browse the latest insight, articles, reading materials, and informations related to COVID-19 from founders, startups, tech community, and official government.

Best Practices

With the given unsettling and unprecedented situation, we are forcing to calibrate our effort into surviving mode. For founders and startups to hasten the process of adjusting with the new circumstance, Digitaraya has pulled together best practices from our network, thought leaders, venture capitalists and startups, in the form of wisdom, templates, and guidance.

Initiatives from our network


Riliv has initiated a mental health campaign #TenangDiRumah, to help and suggest ways to maintain mental health at home

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Collaborating with Northstar Bakti Persada Foundation, KitaBisa, Umma and Wahyoo, we’re creating a campaign to support food for medical officers and the poor.

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